11 Things to know before you head to a beach party in Thailand


Below are the things you should keep in mind while going to a beach party in Thailand:

  • If you wear makeup, waterproof mascara is always a good idea. So is waterproof makeup. You will be dancing the night away and sweating so unless you want to look like Heath Ledger from Batman, waterproof make up is the way to go.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You will be surrounded by thousands of sweaty people and you will be jumping, you want to be comfortable.
  • Get in the spirit and paint yourself in neon colours. Get glowstick, body art, et all. Don’t worry the streets leading to the party will be lined with street shops to get you rigged.
  • Stay hydrated and we don’t mean booze. Drink water, lots of water. It’s going to be a very long night. You don’t want to get tired, do you?
  • Go on a full stomach. Eat a full meal before heading to the party. 
  • Don’t take drinks or foods from strangers. Period.
  • Don’t do drugs. Drugs are a punishable offence in Thailand and many plains clothes officers pretend to be peddlers to catch the unsuspecting tourists.
  • Decide a meeting place with your friends beforehand to assemble at in case you lose each other.
  • Watch your mates. Look after each other.
  • Make friends. Everyone is there to have a good time and to dance to really good music so why not join them and have an epic time together? 

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