A Short Guide For Shopping In Madrid

As Europe's biggest outdoor market, El Rastro is rather an adventure in shopping and in Madrid culture. A middle ground can be found in the Goya and Salamanca area, where upscale boutiques co-exist with fashion outlets.

Some of the main shopping areas like Princesa, Cuatro Caminos, and Castellana are famous for luxury shopping Madrid area wide. Many shoppers flock to the Castellana area, as well as Arguelles and Princesa, where they will discover malls, department stores, fashion shops, accessory stores, and cinemas.

Pubs and cafes on the street, offering refreshment to weary shoppers at the end of a very long day. Most shops in Madrid accept major charge cards and larger stores will be available from about 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.

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Most smaller shops close for siesta, a charming tradition that you, too, should take part in. Have a rest, and restart shopping at the cool of the afternoon. Madrid shoppers understand, also, the very best time of year to splurge.

Large yearly sales are held in both winter and summer. The months of January and February, and July and August allow shoppers to find excellent deals on clothing and shoes. Imagine walking off with a pair of spectacular leather shoes for under half price. It is any shopper's dream!

No matter what time of year you go, nevertheless, Madrid is a vibrant and exciting destination and will definitely offer you memorable shopping experience.