Blood Testing for Diagnosing Infections and Diseases

Before coming to a conclusion that you may have acquired a disease or an infection, it is vital to consult a doctor. It is quite possible that your doctor may ask you to get a blood test done to analyze what exactly the problem is or confirm the presence of disease in your body.

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As per a report published by a reputed medical association, it has been found that approximately 50% of the diseases can be diagnosed from a single test, such as anemia, typhoid, lack of a vital mineral or vitamin, malignant disease and more.

While a blood test may be considered as a simple process, with the exception of the patient feeling a little pinch at the point from where it is being drawn, the actual diagnostic procedure behind is way more complex and requires specialized equipment and technicians to generate accurate results.

There is a multitude of reasons for taking blood samples. Some of them are as follows:

  • A sample of blood can prove or disprove the presence of numerous types of diseases, such as HIV, diabetes, cancer, etc. Early detection of these is only possible through routine check-up and tests.
  • Anemia is a condition that develops when the body lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. 
  • The difference in the proportion of various vital nutrients and other constituents in the blood help in identifying the presence of various ailments of the body.