How To Get The Attention Of Headhunters?

Headhunters are people hired by companies to find suitable candidates to fill vacant positions. They are also referred to as recruiters. They are skilled in finding the right candidates for a job and then presenting the candidates to the human resource department for consideration. Some work independently while others are on retainer to one or more companies.

There are four things a job seeker can do to attract the attention of an employment specialist.

#1 – Understand the role of a recruiter.

A recruiter's first consideration is the client's needs. Many job seekers don't understand that the role of the recruiter is to find the right person the company wants for the job and not to find a position for job seekers. An employment specialist works for the company. You can browse to know more about headhunters.

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Keep your job search visible on job boards and wherever you can place your profile. Recruiters target these sites first looking for likely candidates to fill the positions they have. Include 4 or 5 job titles that would be suitable for your experience.

#2 – Recruiters will present only the best resumes for the position.

The 9.2 unemployment rate means that if you make the cut as one of the candidates for the job you can be thankful. Employment specialists have a number of people to choose from for each job that needs to be filled. Your qualifications and suitability must stand out for a recruitment specialist to even consider you as a possible employee for one of his or her clients.

#3 – Recruiters are specialists.

Specializing in an industry makes a recruiter's job easier. By sticking to a certain industry he or she becomes familiar with trends and what most companies in an industry want in their employees. Specializing also helps them build relationships and a reputation as someone who understands the needs of the industry.

#4 – Recruiters are some of the busiest professionals you can find.

A good recruiter works against time and the competition to make placements. It's not unusual for them to work 10 to 12 hours per day. They are not working for you but for their clients. If they are not getting back to you they probably don't have a need for anyone with your qualifications.