Important Tips For Rat Control

Rats can be very dangerous creatures that can pollute your food and destroy your property. In addition, rats, their droppings, and rat fleas can carry diseases, making them a very risky health hazard.

If you see signs of mice including dirt; walls, insulation, or chewed walls; or evidence of contaminated food, it is time to take action. Traps can be an excellent method for getting rid of mice; enough trap bait with dried fruit, peanut butter, or cheese and waiting to collect trapped mice.

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Experts recommend that you set the trap to the right corner near the wall where the rat is supposed to live, with the trap side of the bait facing the wall. Always use gloves and use plastic bags to get rid of trapped mice to prevent the spread of disease.

Usually, it is not recommended to use rat poisons because this is an indirect way to kill mice. A poisonous mouse may have time to crawl away before it dies and thus you would not always be able to find it immediately.

However, here are some expert tips on how to prevent rat infestation before starting.

Protect buildings by covering crawling spaces, repairing cracks in cement foundations, and building warehouses and garages on concrete slabs.

Eliminate food and water sources by storing it in safe metal containers, get rid of fallen fruits and nuts from your yard, and store pet food in a safe location.

Eliminate living space by planting bushes and shrubs away from your home, removing unused warehouses or buildings, and storing firewood or wood in stands at least 30cm above the ground.