Packing for Bhutan? Top Picks to Stuff In

Sacred mountains, ancient fortresses, and mesmerizing beauty of Bhutan can leave anyone awestruck on the first glimpse. However, packing for same will need quite an effort. So, while you are busy planning for the Bhutan trip, here we have the top picks that you must carry:

Step 1

In the months of March to July, we recommend you to carry some light clothes. Weather can be a little warm during the summers and light clothing will work the best. Yet for nights, don’t forget to carry light woolens.

Step 2

During the winters, you will need fleece jackets, heavy woolens, and a windbreaker. However, during the rain time, it is suggested to move with a raincoat.

Step 3

Sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, and a hat are a must whether it is summer or winter. A flashlight is also needed because sometimes there can be a power cut too.

Step 4

The long winding roads of Bhutan can really cause motion sickness. Better carry some anti-diarrhea pills. As an addition, you can also stuff in anti-histamine, insect repellant, and antiseptic creams.

Step 5

Interested in hiking? Do carry the hiking gears like pants and shoes for treks in Bhutan.

So, start packing now with the above-given items on the list and enjoy the amazing trip to the Himalayan Kingdom!