How to Beat the Fear of Flying?

The fear of flying can be called many things including aerophobia and aviophobia. Not only that but it can actually be a combination of several phobias such as fear of small spaces, fear of heights and the fear of many people. You can lose the fear of flying (which is also called ‘perder el miedo a volar’ in the Spanish language) by joining online courses.

Due to the nature of different combinations, it may be difficult to treat a common cause for flight phobia, but there are some products out there that try and appear to have high success rates.

This can be easily solved by getting more knowledge about aircraft in general, on-site security measures and reading statistics on aircraft accidents. That sounds terrible but it's actually not much! There is an old saying that you are a thousand times safer in a plane than in a car that's right.

When you see detailed attention from ground staff, the rigorous training that pilots go through and the actual statistics about your flight safety will most likely be able to overcome your fear of flying.

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Other aerophobia sufferers are completely phobic free except their only flying exception. This is a lack of knowledge about the plane, how to stay, or impending fear that the plane will hit and kill everyone who is the main fear motivator here.

If you fall into the latter category, you are not alone. About 35% of people are 'nervous leaflets' with around 5% experiencing severe panic attacks so they won't even set foot on a plane.