Enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams


For all those who may be looking out for the most romantic honeymoon destinations, they must look out for Queensland and check out the beautiful and private islands that they have to offer as they are simply romantic and are the best for any newly married couple. For anyone who wants to make their partner feel special, they must try and book a trip to Queensland and keep the destination a secret, this is sure to make one to feel special and it is of the most romantic gestures one can make for their partner to feel the love.

Book a private villa for a better experience

A honeymoon is a private affair and the couple will love if they get the entire trip to themselves. The best way to do so is to book a villa and stay in isolation and get to enjoy the best island view, hospitality and great food. The villa can be decorated and set the way the couple may like. The entire idea is to provide an exclusive feeling and make it the best trip and memory of their newly married couple. Queensland has the best private villa that offers the best combination of luxury and comfort.

Read real time reviews and feedback

One can also read the reviews and testimonies that guests who have stayed previously and then make the decision based on their reviews. There are a lot of recommendations and ideas that one can take inspiration for to make the trip their best trip.

Search the most unique honeymoon destinations and enjoy.

Bedarra Islands are Energy Efficient


After the destruction of the island at the hands of cyclone Yasi, the island was reborn as a ecological tourist attraction for honeymooners. The renovated honeymoon destination takes care of its local flora and fauna, while also minimizing its carbon footprint. Yet, being ecological in nature, the island doesn't pull back on luxury. Guest will be offered only the best, with a personal touch.

All building and cottages have been built while keeping efficiency in mind. The buildings allow plenty of sunshine and cross ventilation, perfect for the islands tropical weather. In addition, all electrical appliance used have a energy efficiency ratings of four and a half stars. Any area that requires artificial lighting are fitted with 10w lighting. Water is heated by a solar heater and state of the art solar panels and batteries are used which require little maintenance.

Water is drawn from a fresh water spring located on the island, in addition, rainwater harvesting is practised heavily. The water is filtered in a large reservoir which is filled with water lillies and other water plants that act as filters. A bio filter is used in the drainage and septic tank in order to greatly reduce the damage waste water might cause to the nearby Great Barrier Reef.

All garbage produced by the island and its guest are transported to a mainland recycling center. Recycling is practised heavily on the island thereby reducing the amount of waste produced. In order to reduce the environmental impact on the island and the nearby reefs, all laundering is done on the mainland. The island has become the most ecological and romantic honeymoon destination in QLD.

Honeymoon Destinations in Australia are truly the Paradise on Earth


You take great pains to ensure that your wedding plan is a success. Similarly, you have great expectations regarding your honeymoon. Why not? After all, a honeymoon is the time when you relax after the grinding wedding schedule. It is a time when you spend quality time with your partner and discuss the future of your life together.

How about honeymoon destinations in Australia?

When you consider your honeymoon destination, you have to be careful that it offers complete relaxation and privacy. Australia has some amazing honeymoon destinations that guarantee you both and loads of fun. From the popular cities to the beaches, Australia has everything for everyone.

The tropical rainforests are the popular honeymoon destinations in Australia

Close to the Great Barrier Reef lie the tropical forests of North Queensland. Dense lush green cover, abundant sunshine, perennial rivers, beautiful waterfalls, ever-gushing streams- all these greet you when you explore the tropical forests. Considered as the famous among the honeymoon destinations in Australia, the retreats there offer the couples luxury and privacy in abundance.

Honeymoon destinations in Australia like nowhere other

The honeymoon destinations in Australia are a class apart. The retreats have honeymoon villas and suites that have private pools and rooms surrounded by mesmerizing scenery of the natural tropical rainforests. There are a lot of fun activities that the couple can explore nearby the retreat. Skydiving, nature trails, hot air ballooning- all these are much more are in the offer for the adventure seeking couples.

Truly, the honeymoon destinations in Australia promise you paradise on the Earth!