Design tools are computer programs and objects which can be used to design materials. There are several reasons as to why you may decide to make your own t-shirts. The reasons vary from individual to public demand. For instance, one may decide to make his/her own t-shirt in order to sell it. Another will design t-shirts to match the kind of event he/she is going to have. So in order to design the best t-shirts, one must consider several factors like;




  -And affordability. 

To meet the following demands, here are the best tools for t-shirt design.


This is the commonly used program by graphic designers. Illustrator work is good in designing t-shirts because it works perfectly with layers and shapes. it is also useful for those in love with vector graphics. which would make it simple in creating logos. illustrator has several benefits;

  -The size of the image can be changed without losing the quality.

  -it offers a variety of options for working with texts.

  -has got easy learning curves

  -artwork can be exported to .EPS


It was initially designed to edit pictures. Photoshop is the best program in printing t-shirts. One is able to print realistic illustrations and pictures using Photoshop. it is the best in handling all the filters and editing options because it is best suited for DTG. There are some of the advantages of using photoshop in t-shirt designs. Here are some;

-it is less costly

-provide a variety of filters and options to modify pictures

-layers are used hence easier

-it is more popular hence resources are readily available

-it is the best in text editing

Graffix pro studio

This program was designed primarily to print t-shirts. it is one of the easiest to use especially by new beginners. The program has advanced features like variable data and color matching technology which would enable the designer to create a unique and personalized t-shirts designs. the pros for using graffix pro studio are;

-able to import names and numbers and generate personalized design automatically.

-it is nice and simple


It is a graphic design program which was designed by corel corporations. This one comes with cutting-edge feature which helps the designers to create a graphic designs and pictures on t-shirts. It has relatively similar features with the illustrator. The benefit of using coreldraw in t-shirt design;

 -it is available for variety of languages

 -it is relatively cheaper compared to photoshop

 -the software has high demand in the market


This is a program which can be used to edit and create vector graphics such as ;designing arts illustrations,logos and images on t-shirts. The following are the advantages;

-flat colors provide high quality colors

-the size of the image can be changed without losing the quality.

-because of its detailed parameters, it is good to process complex objects

In conclusion, the above are the best tools for t-shirt design. They only differ by price,quality of the images and features. Therefore all the above tools are goods in making t-shirts. it depends on the ers choice and the requirements.