Understanding the role of gifts in our relations

 In our life, we come across various kinds of people. With some of these people,  we establish a relationship while with others,  we have a casual relation. Due to inherent limitations on our abilities to perform various kinds of tasks, we depend on each other to get various things done. Since emotions are also a part of human beings, hence we are not limited to just transactional behavior with other people but we also get emotionally attached to people who care for us or who have helped us at some point in our lives.

 In order to show our gratitude and love towards others, we express our feelings through various means and one of this means is by giving gifts to them. One can easily notice that almost in all traditions across the world, the custom of giving gifts during festival seasons is more or less prevalent. Though some people point out to the fact that the increasing trend of giving gifts on several occasions is closely linked to consumerism and impact of the market economy,  but if we look back at history, we will find out that the tradition of giving gifts has been there since centuries.

 If we look at the Google search trends, then we will find out that the keywords related to gifts are searched more during special occasions like Christmas, mother's day, father's day etc. There are many websites which assist in providing gift ideas.  Apart from the individual websites which list out these gifts ideas, there are e-commerce platforms on which one can easily sort out gifts according to various parameters like price, delivery time, reviews etc.

One of the most popular sites for selecting gift ideas is Amazon.com. Amazon has millions of products listed in its marketplace and therefore there is no dearth of gift ideas on Amazon. To speed up gift search on Amazon, one can enter custom search keywords like best Christmas gifts, mother's day gift ideas, gifts for mom etc. The only thing which one must keep in mind is that the joy of giving gifts is multiplied through a loving and caring relationship and therefore one must strive to keep the relations healthy.