Uses Of Nut And Bolts

Nut and bolts are generally used in manufacture and building business. We can call with these different names such as bolts, machine bolts, or hexagon screw threads.

We use it in many different places like the petrochemical industry, building, food machinery industry, and solar energy installations. The best way to choose a hex bolt nut for your purpose will depend on what kind of material you want to choose.

 You can explore about many types of nuts and bolts through online websites. Stainless steel is normally used for most applications because of its durable capability and higher strength. It 18-8 is just one of the frequent hardware application being used for making hex nuts and bolts.

If you want to know more about ‘U Bolt Fasteners‘ (which is also known as in the ‘ยูโบลท์รัดท่อ‘  in the Thai language) then you can check out online websites.

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The next is that the 316 grade that has high corrosion resistance. It’s mainly used in saltwater applications. It’s more expensive than 18-8 steel. If the bolt or nut burrs or scratches, it won’t affect the life and lead to rust since the resistant material to rust is present within the material itself.

They have a normal clean silver color and polished look. These bolts become slightly magnetic because of threading and cold forming. Uses of this sort of attachments are usual for outside fastening and for decorative purposes as it’s so attractive.