What To Do While Waiting For a Response To The Personal Injury Claim?

After you have sent the claim letter to the insurance company, while waiting for the other side to respond, you should continue your medical treatment and also gather further documentation of your losses. In the same time, keep informed your insurance company about your actions, as insurer might want to take over the negotiation part for the bills they already paid on your behalf.

The other side insurance company will respond either in writing or by phone. If they choose to respond by phone, make sure to ask who you’re talking to and their job title. Save a record of the time and date of the phone call and also take notes during the conversetion to avoid forgetting important details.

Even if you’re tempted to do so, don’t ever accept the verbal offer they will make. Ask instead for a detailed offer in writing and compare the amount with your actual losses before closing a deal. Remember than an attorney or insurance adjuster have the job to deal with your claim in the least time possible and for the least amount of money. Even if they seem concerned about your situation, you’re not their client.

If you feel overly pressured and would like to know more about legal matters, consider talking to a skilled personal injury lawyer.