What Will Olivia Pope Wear This Season?

Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington's character from Scandal, has some major fashion going on. She is elegant, powerful but also can be business casual. Scandal fashion is huge news but then again who doesn't want to wear Armani and carry Prada? Kerry Washington says she loves her wardrobe, it is like her amour for getting into her character. She says in order to learn her character she has to 'walk in their shoes', once she knows how a character walks she can run with it. But once the day is over and she takes off the platform shoes, she puts on her flip-flops and goes home.

Wearing her flip-flops home may be the case on a day-to-day basis, but Kerry Washington is doing much more with the Scandal fashion these days. She has been working with The Limited and the Scandal fashion consultant on a new line of clothing based on Olivia Pope's Scandal fashion. It will be released in The Limited for an affordable price point that allows those who cannot afford Armani to get the same look that we crave. Dressing like Olivia Pope, even if it is off the rack, not Armani, can offer women a boost in self-esteem and offer the feeling and attitude of power they see in Olivia.

Watch the new season for a few changes in Olivia's Scandal fashion, although it will be subtle, it will match the story line of her character perfectly as always. Also watch for The Limited collection to hit soon.